Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blackbeard's sword has been discovered?

This photo is the fearsome Blackbeard on the upcoming "Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides" which is played by Iam McShane. This movie is the fourth installment of the Disney mega-franchise starring Johnny Depp as the swashbuckler Jack Sparrow. Rumors are spoiling all over the internet right this time. Rumors said that Blackbeard's sword has been discovered.

The 350-ton ship has been on the floor of the Beaufort Inlet for more than 300 years but was not located until 1996 and its discovery has stirred imaginations around the world — and plenty of rumors, too. When word of the recent sword recovery pinged around the globe, the tales grew taller with every forwarded e-mail. When one of Moore’s peers heard the breathless reports, he called to inquire about how they were able to make such a confirmation: “Did it have his initials and the last four digits of his social security number on the hilt?”

With this, there is a chance that the sword really belong to Blackbeard. It's up to you guys if you will consider it true or not. Just don't forget to Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On the Stranger Tides Movie guys.

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